The GCTC Trophy

The Gulf Coast Triple Crown Trophy
Artist: Frank Ledbetter

Championship Winner will receive:
  • The Championship Trophy - a seven foot tall, one of a kind masterpiece handcrafted by metal artist Frank Ledbetter (valued at $18,000)
  • Prominent exposure in the Gulf Coast Triple Crown media campaign
  • Bragging rights along the entire Gulf Coast

From the Artist:
During our initial conversations regarding the concept of the Gulf Coast Triple Crown, I did not think an "average" size trophy would make the statement that I believed the Triple Crown would come to represent. After talking to Chris and Scott and hearing the excitement in their voices, I knew that I needed to create a trophy that matched everyone's excitement. I hope I have done that!

I am inspired by the sheer beauty of a blue marlin. It gives me great pleasure to create something that makes people seeing it feel good. I hope the winner of this original piece of art feels as good about it as I do.

I am excited about once again being a part of the Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship event. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity.

~ Frank