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2024 GCTC Sanctioned Tournaments:

May 14 - 19Orange Beach Billfish ClassicThe Wharf, Orange Beach, AL
June 3 - 9Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish ClassicBiloxi, MS
June 19 - 23Emerald Coast Blue Marlin ClassicSandestin, FL
July 10 - 14Blue Marlin Grand Championship The Wharf, Orange Beach, AL

2024 Gulf Coast Triple Crown Standings

Boat Points Awards
Team Supreme 2024 GCTC Champions 675 OBBC - 1st Place Catch and Release
ECBC - 1st Place Catch and Release
BMGC - 2nd Place Catch and Release
A Work Of Art 600 OBBC - 1st Place Weighed Blue Marlin @ 397.8 lbs.
MGCBC - 1st Place Catch and Release
ECBC - 3rd Place Catch and Release
Miss Ma’am 425 OBBC - 2nd Place Catch and Release
BMGC - 1st Place Weighed Blue Marlin @ 650.4 lbs.
Lifeline 425 MGCBC - 2nd Place Catch and Release
BMGC - 1st Place Catch and Release
One More 250 MGCBC - 1st Place Weighed Blue Marlin @ 670.5 lbs.

Maybe 'The Name' is the Game, to Winning the Gulf Coast Triple Crown?

By Jim Cox:

Boat names are always attention-getters. Some are funny, some are double entendres, some you know what they mean with just a glance, others take a minute to figure out, and some seem to make sense only to the boat owner. That's what makes them fun to look at, no matter where you are in the world.

Down here on the Gulf Coast, boats with names like A Work of Art, Breathe Easy, Done Deal, Mollie, Relentless Pursuit, and Team Supreme are familiar to most tournament fans. They are also past Gulf Coast Triple Crown Champions, claiming their coveted trophy or trophies by consistently being the top performers during the tournament season.

But is consistency really what wins the most sought-after championship in sportfishing? Or is there a different name for it? I'd actually argue there are many different names for it. And those names are ones that immediately followed the word Captain.

As much as big game tournament fishing is a team sport, and most captains are very quick to credit their owner and crew for the boat's success when it's go time, these captains are the go-to guys of our sport!

The most well-known captains need only their first names mentioned so that everyone in the room knows who is being referenced -- Jason, Patrick, Jeff, Clayt, Chase, Myles, Kyle, JJ, Cheese, etc. There are no membership cards, and it's non-official, but the 'First-Name-Only Club' on the docks is definitely an exclusive club.

Since 2011, the Gulf Coast Triple Crown has always been about the captains. There is no money involved, just a trophy! Heck, the Triple Crown is one of the few things in tournament fishing that isn't about money, either winning it or spending it! It's just about being recognized as the best of the best for a tournament season.

Who is this year's Captain whose name will join the likes of the previous winners: Joe Lyall, Jason Buck, Devin Potts, Robbie Doggett, Patrick Ivie, Jeff Shoults, Bo Keogh, Jason Hallmark, and most recently Chase Lake?

Is it a well-known Captain who has enjoyed years of success, but the trophy still eludes him? Is it another young and upcoming Captain ready to officially join his peers? Or will a past champion become only the third Captain to win multiple Triple Crowns, joining two-time winner Robbie Doggett and the GOAT-like gaudy collection of Captain Jason Buck's four Triple Crown Championships won on two different boats?

Whoever it is will either continue to etch their legacy, just like the names that appear on the perpetual Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship, or they will be the newest to join what is an official and highly exclusive club: a Gulf Coast Triple Crown Champion.

The 2024 chase for the Gulf Coast Triple Crown will soon commence. It all starts and ends at the iconic venue, which could probably get away with introducing itself as a member of the 'First-Name-Only Club' as others do.

But when that venue is the only place where grand champions are crowned, we'll respectfully refer to it by its official title: The Wharf, in Orange Beach!